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About half of all women, and nearly half of all men, suffer from spider veins or varicose spider veins. While the condition is common, it can vary greatly in severity and location upon the body. Spider veins can be found covering large areas of the body, such as your legs, or may appear only in tiny clusters on your face. They are common in people who exposed their skin to too much sun in their younger years.

Spider Vein Removal in Chino

While nearly always harmless, spider veins are generally considered unsightly. As you age, you might find that they worsen in appearance, and begin to bother you even more. They can be caused by numerous factors such as:

  • aging – superficial veins weaken and become more visible
  • heredity – spider veins often run in families
  • pregnancy – the body carries more fluid during pregnancy, causing veins in the lower extremities to distend. Spider veins may worsen with each subsequent pregnancy.
  • hormone changes due to menopause
  • obesity – excess weight puts more pressure on veins
  • sedentary lifestyle – when you sit too long for work, or choose not to exercise regularly, spider veins may result. They tend to be worse in the legs, especially if you sit with your legs crossed or bent.
  • Excessive sun exposure – in particular, this will cause spider veins to develop on the nose and cheeks

It is extremely rare for spider veins to cause health problems, but they can be uncomfortable due to itching and throbbing. And of course, most people simply do not appreciate the appearance of spider veins, and want to return to a smoother, more even skin tone.

Sclerotherapy might be the answer for your spider vein problems. This injection therapy will reduce the appearance of your spider veins, helping them to fade and finally disappear. And of course, sclerotherapy will relieve any discomfort such as itching and throbbing as the veins are banished.

Most patients require two to five schlerotherapy treatments in order to completely rid themselves of spider veins, but results vary from one person to the next. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can assess the severity of your spider veins and help you decide how to proceed with treatment. Start now, and your legs can be smooth and blemish-free within a few weeks or months!

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