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Setting Reasonable Expectations About Exercise

You worked out every day this week, and faithfully followed your medical weight loss plan, but still don’t look like Wonder Woman or Wolverine. What gives?!

Well, you probably didn’t expect results quite that drastic! But we often joke that it would be nice to exercise a few times and see swift and visible changes. In reality, it can take quite a bit longer than that. You know this, but it can still be difficult to stay motivated without those impressive results. Here’s how you can adjust your mindset, and accept that results from exercise are more of a marathon than a sprint.

Focus on gradual improvements. You won’t wake up one day, suddenly looking or feeling different. In fact, the changes will be so gradual that you might not truly see them. Keeping an exercise journal can become a powerful way to fully realize your success. In just a few months, look back at the beginning of your journal and you’ll see some serious changes!

And if you haven’t seen a particular friend or family member in a few months, schedule some time with them. They are almost guaranteed to notice your slow but steady progress! What is gradual change to you will be instantly noticeable to them. Don’t be afraid to solicit positive feedback.

Set slow, but gradual benchmark goals to track your  progress. Remember to set benchmark goals that are meaningful to you, while also being realistic. No, you won’t suddenly bench press twice a much next week. But you can set that goal for a few months from now, and have reasonable hope of reaching it!

Focus on feelings, not results. The true goal of a medical weight loss plan is not to see a certain number on the scale or look a particular way, even as motivating as those things might be. The bottom line is that you’re doing this for your health, a longer life, and to feel better both physically and mentally every day! So focus on how much easier your workouts feel, how much farther you can walk, or how much energy you have. Happiness and satisfact with a job well done are the true rewards of your hard work!

And for more information on a medical weight loss plan that really works in the long term, give us a call. We can get you started toward better health right away.


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