May 14, 2024 mdchino

Should You Walk Fast or Walk a Long Time?

As you begin your exercise program, maximizing calorie burn might be a top priority. When you’re on a medical weight loss plan, trimming caloric intake while ramping up your calorie expenditure creates a deficit, aiding in shedding stored energy.

If walking is your main exercise, you’ve probably received varied advice. Some suggest using a step counter or a phone app to track distance, while others recommend picking up the pace. So, which is the right advice?

According to research, walking at a faster speed burns more calories. Speedier walks also elevate your heart rate, improving cardiovascular fitness. A more challenging workout (without overdoing it) is better for your heart long-term and can help fend off health issues like heart disease. Brisk exercise can also boost your mood and carry positive emotional effects. And if you engage in regular calorie-burning sessions, you should soon see results from your medical weight loss plan.

However, for many, a sedentary lifestyle is the core issue. Step counters aim to encourage more movement throughout the day, even during times not labeled as “workout” time. Increasing daily movement boosts overall metabolism and complements a medical weight loss plan in the sense that you burn more calories throughout the day.

So, perhaps neither approach is superior, as each targets different goals. Using a step counter encourages more daily movement while incorporating interval training into your walks boosts speed and enhances both weight loss efforts and health prevention. Perhaps a mixture of both measures is best for many of us; we need a change in lifestyle, but we can also benefit from the more intense calorie burn and cardiovascular effects of faster-paced exercise.

But first, let’s make sure your exercise plans are right for your level of health and long-term goals. For guidance on a medical weight loss plan tailored to your needs, contact us. We can design a program incorporating nutritious eating and exercise that suits your body type and goals.



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