November 5, 2018 mdchino

Sticking to Your Fitness Plan on Weekends

For most of us, the five-day work week provides structure. Even if feeling over-scheduled isn’t exactly fun, simply having a schedule helps you to stay on track toward your fitness and weight loss goals.

Then the weekend arrives, and most of us feel tempted to procrastinate. We sleep til noon, snack throughout the day, and by Sunday evening we realize we’ve indulged in way too much Netflix. Whoops! You certainly don’t mean to backtrack every weekend, but it happens quite frequently.

So, how do you stay on track, and avoid sabotaging your fitness or weight loss goals? Just follow these easy tips.

Commit. Exercise probably won’t happen unless you commit to it ahead of time. Just as you schedule your weekdays, make a plan to fit in some exercise over the weekend.

Try something different. Because your schedule is more open on weekends, this is the perfect time to add some fun into your exercise routine. Take a day trip and explore a hiking trail, or dust off that old bike in your garage. If you have kids, weekends serve as a time to set healthy examples for them. Take the whole family out for a fun and active excursion.

Make social plans that revolve around activities. Most of us want to enjoy some social outings on the weekend, but those often involve food. Make plans to play softball with friends, or simply walk the neighborhood garage sales with a pal.

Indulge wisely. Many of us look forward to an adult beverage or two on the weekend. It’s best to avoid empty calories while pursuing a weight loss plan, but if you do indulge, choose a glass of wine or a light beer. Avoid sugar-laden cocktails, as they often contain 300 calories or more.

As for food indulgences, you don’t have to avoid everything you love. Just use the “three-bite” rule, and then walk away.

Make a food plan, and prepare. Plan your meals in advance, just as you do during the week. By now you know which foods fit into your overall weight loss plan, so keep them in stock to prevent impulsive snacking.

For more help with your weight loss plan, and staying on track, give us a call. We can help you analyze any problems that you’re having, and make a plan to address them.

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