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Watch Out for These 4 Summer Diet Killers!

For many of us, the longer, hotter days of July and August bring a bit of disruption to our schedules. But you definitely don’t want to disrupt your weight loss plan. So as the weather heats up outside, watch out for these common pitfalls of summer.

Frequent runs to the smoothie bar. Because they’re made with fresh fruit, smoothies carry a “healthy” vibe. But many smoothie bars use sugary ingredients like syrups that really up the calorie count. Make your smoothies at home so that you can be certain of what’s in them.

Tempting fruity cocktails. There’s something about summer that just demands a fruity cocktail. Unfortunately, many of those trendy drinks pack hundreds of calories each! They’re high in sugar, too. If you feel like indulging, go for a vodka with soda water and lime. Or, try some of the new calorie-free drink mixers. Remember to drink plenty of water, because alcoholic beverages can be dehydrating.

Barbecue overload. The fun and festivities can put you into a carefree mood… So much that you forget to care about your nutrition plan. If you’re attending summer barbecues, prepare ahead of time so that you stay on target toward your food goals. Opt for lean burgers (lower-fat ground beef, turkey, or veggie) over cured meats. Or try options like grilled chicken and fish. Fill up on salad with vinaigrette dressing or fresh fruit first, and you won’t be tempted to overdo the more calorie-dense dishes.

Skipping exercise because it’s hot outside. You already know this summer will be hot, so start planning now. Rearrange your schedule so that you can exercise in the morning or late afternoon, or split up your workout into shorter sessions. Moving to an indoor treadmill might be an option, too.

We want to support you as you continue your weight loss plan into the summer. If you’re having any problems or just need more support, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.



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