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The Surprising Factor that Might Jeopardize Your Nutrition Plan


You’re counting calories, faithfully staying within your allotted range, and exercising daily. And yet, your weight loss results are disappointing. You haven’t lost as much weight as you expected, or maybe you haven’t lost any weight at all! Sound familiar?

There are many different reasons this could happen, such as building muscle to replace fat (and therefore your results might not show on the scale). But sometimes dieters make serious errors in calorie calculations, and we’ve discovered one surprising reason why bupropion online.

Regard food packaging with suspicion. As it turns out, reading nutrition labels on your favorite foods might not be enough to help you correctly estimate calories. Unless you’re really counting potato chips or weighing a small slice of cake, chances are good that your servings vary greatly from the serving size listed on the label. And it’s all because of the picture on the box!

Visual cues are so powerful that we often don’t stop to consider how we can be misled by them. A picture of a stack of pancakes, for example, might give you a strong subliminal message about the appropriate serving size. That would be Mindtrap Number One. The melting slice of butter and gooey syrup poured over the top is Mindtrap Number Two; those aren’t included in the calorie count, even if you do happen to guess at the correct serving size.

You can combat these subtle cues by becoming more aware of them. Take the following steps to ensure that your calorie counts are correct:

  • Accurately weigh or measure your foods according to the serving sizes listed on the nutrition label; don’t guess at what a serving is, particularly based on a photo
  • Read the fine print on the box. It will state whether any “extras” are included in the caloric calculations.
  • Remember that garnishes include extra calories. Most of us add condiments or extra ingredients to our foods without thinking about the extra calories.
  • Choose a reliable method to log your calories. Many smartphone apps are available to serve this purpose, or you can just use a notebook in pen. Writing down everything you eat keeps you accountable.
  • Remember these tips at restaurants, too. Many menus now include calorie counts, but they might not account for extra ingredients, and the photos should be considered a marketing tool only.

Of course, none of this information will help if your target calorie count is inappropriate for your body size or weight loss goals. Schedule an appointment with us, and we can offer you expert nutritional advice geared toward your lifestyle and priorities. And of course, remember that the healthiest foods don’t come from a package, anyway.

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