May 8, 2017 mdchino

Take a Healthy Vacation This Summer

When you picture your summer vacation, you might envision yourself waiting in hot, sweaty lines at a theme park. Maybe you see yourself devouring corn dogs on a beach boardwalk, or sipping cocktails while you bake in the sun.

Okay, so those things don’t sound all bad. But as you’ve changed your lifestyle while pursuing health or weight loss goals, those things might not feel like “you” anymore. You’ve begun to see yourself as the strong, fit, and capable person you have become. Most importantly, you don’t want to undo any of your progress, or slide backwards into old, unhealthy habits.

So, as you plan your summer vacation, why not consider other options? There are plenty of health-oriented getaways just waiting for you!

Yoga retreats. From small mountain villages to tropical islands, more and more locations are starting to offer yoga retreats. Often these retreats are paired with other activities, like hiking or “boot camp” exercise classes. Either way, ditching the theme parks in favor of relaxation would probably be a more rejuvenating vacation.

Surf camp. Many seaside resorts are beginning to offer surf camps, with lessons tailored to everyone from beginners to advanced surfers. This summer might be the perfect time to pick up a fun new water sport.

Trail running or mountain climbing. Book a trip to a mountain location with plenty of hiking trails, and you can go trail running every day. Or, you might prefer to join a group mountain climbing expedition. We’re not saying to go climb Everest (it’s really dangerous), but there are plenty of lower-risk climbs that are still worth the view when you reach the top.

Cycling. Cycling events are offered all over the country each spring and summer. Many of these events feature miles of stunning scenery, and some are arranged around charitable causes. Do your research, and plan a vacation around an amateur race.

Of course, you can also work with a travel agent to locate the perfect summer vacation. Whether you choose to plan the trip yourself, or seek the guidance of an expert, remember to pair your vacation with healthy, seasonal foods. And come see us for a physical before you depart, so we can check you for underlying health conditions and clear you for rigorous exercise.

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