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4 Ways That Technology Can Actually Help You Get Healthier

When you first decide to get healthier or even pursue a medical weight loss plan, you might suspect that ditching your screen time is in order. Most of us do spend way too much time watching TV or scrolling on social media. Aside from wasting time, too much sedentary activity slows our metabolism and can contribute to weight gain. So you’re right that reducing screen time is a good idea. On the other hand, there are plenty of ways that your smart phone and even your television can become a powerful aid to your medical weight loss plan!

Join a virtual fitness class. Many of us feel more motivated by the structure of  fitness class such as Zumba, Pilates, or spinning. But the classes at your local gym might not fit into your schedule, or you might feel shy about exercising in public. You’re in luck, because Youtube and various other streaming services offer a plethora of “classes” that you can enjoy from your own living room, on your own schedule.

Stream your favorite music. Motivation is a key factor for most people when they exercise, especially when you’re first getting started. Streaming your favorite upbeat music can be a game changer for those of you who find exercise boring or uninteresting. Or, if you get tired of the same tunes over and over, try an audio book or a podcast on a subject that interests you.

Use technology to connect. Social media isn’t all cat videos and brag posts. Join a group focused on nutrition, exercise, or medical weight loss, and you can gain support from new friends who share your goals. You might even meet a local workout buddy or two.

Try fitness apps. The app market is saturated with devices to help you count calories, track your calorie burn during exercise, learn to make nutritious meals, and so much more. Use the ones that appeal to you, that you find helpful.

As you can see, technology can be just as beneficial as it is harmful. It is all in how you use it! But if you need support that an app just can’t provide, call us to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you learn more about medical weight loss and decide whether this plan is right for you.

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