December 2, 2019 mdchino

The Surprising Benefits of Soup

There’s just something so comforting about a warm bowl of soup when the temperatures begin to drop. Soup is a popular autumn dish for many reasons, but you probably never thought about its potential benefits. But if you’re following a weight loss plan, you might be happy to know that a satisfying bowl of soup is just what the doctor ordered!

Soup helps you consume fewer calories. It’s not just an old wives tale; eating soup really can help you lose weight. Researchers examined the issue, and found that you really do consume about 20 percent fewer calories if you begin your lunch with a bowl of soup. You will feel just as full afterward, and over time eating 20 percent fewer calories at lunch will help you drop unwanted pounds.

Soup satiates your cravings. When you eat soup, you actually feel full sooner even when you’re consuming fewer calories. Why?

  • Seeing a full bowl sends a visual signal to your brain, and your brain interprets this as a satisfying portion
  • Due to the water in soup, the volume helps your stomach to feel full sooner
  • The warmth and smell of soup is comforting, so you might enjoy an emotional fulfillment from the meal

Choose the right soup. Choose a broth-based soup, rather than a creamy variety (which usually packs a higher calorie content). Pack your soup full of fiber-rich veggies, and you will enjoy numerous health benefits as well as satiety. Bean-based soups are a terrific option, due to the fiber and protein.

Do investigate the sodium levels in your favorite soup, especially if it’s a canned variety. Shoot for less than 20 percent of your RDA for sodium, if you opt for a packaged variety. If you cook soup at home, go easy on the salt and use other spices to flavor the meal instead.

If you need more tips on choosing foods that fit into your weight loss plan, just give us a call. We can help you identify which of your favorite foods fit best into your strategy, and offer advice on how to make your eating plan enjoyable.



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