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As we age, one of the most common complaints is sagging, loose skin. Even if you don’t have substantial wrinkles, you might notice that your skin begins to sag as you age. The condition is even more common in those who have lost significant amounts of weight, or who have been pregnant.

Most common wrinkle-reducing treatments, such as fillers and injections, won’t work on sagging or loose skin. This is because the condition is caused by collagen loss. Unless you can locate a time machine, your best bet is a treatment that restores collagen to the skin.

The Titan laser helps the body to repair itself, by stimulating new collagen production in the skin. Titan provides permanent changes in the skin, whereas any other treatment provides temporary results and requires regular upkeep.

Titan is versatile. 

Loose or sagging skin can occur anywhere on the body, and the Titan laser is versatile enough to be used anywhere you need it! Some of the most common uses for Titan include:

  • sagging jowls
  • loose skin on the neck
  • loose abdominal skin – after weight loss or pregnancy
  • stretch marks anywhere on the body

The Titan procedure is simple and painless. 

Rather than undergoing cosmetic surgery and exposing yourself to all of the associate risks, Titan allows you to achieve similar results without pain and recover time. Titan delivers controlled pulses of infrared light, which heat the tissues beneath your skin. This heat stimulates new collagen production, leading to more supple, youthful skin. At the same time, the epidermal layer is constantly cooled so that the process is virtually pain-free. You won’t even need anesthesia, and most patients report that the warmth is soothing.

The most common side effect from Titan is a mild irritation of the skin or slight redness. This usually dissipates within a few hours, and does not require medical attention or treatment.

Titan stimulates gradual improvements which appear over time. You might see subtle changes after your first treatment, but improvement is most noticeable after the third or fourth procedure. Since Titan stimulates the body to produce collagen and heal itself, improvements may continue to emerge for up to six months afterward.


Call our office to schedule an appointment, and we can decide if the Titan laser is right for you. If you proceed with treatments, you will enjoy easy, fast appointments in our office – and you can return to your usual activities afterward!

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