TruSculptIf you’re bothered by the appearance of cellulite on your bottom, the backs of your legs, or any other part of the body, TruSculpt might be the answer you seek.

Contrary to common belief, cellulite is not necessary caused by your weight. Even those who have lost their excess weight, or aren’t overweight in the first place, are annoyed by the appearance of lumpy cellulite in noticeable spots on their bodies. And because cellulite is caused by the structure of tissues underneath your skin, diet and exercise usually won’t banish it.

In the past, invasive cosmetic surgery was the only option for treating cellulite. During liposuction, fat deposits were suctioned from underneath the skin. This procedure did indeed solve the problem, but it came along with all of the risks of a surgical procedure: Pain, scarring, risk of infection, and recovery time that disrupted the patient’s regular life.

Today, TruSculpt offers a non-invasive, simple solution to the problem of unattractive cellulite deposits. A small handheld device emits radiofrequency energy into fat cells below the surface of the skin. The resulting heat causes the stubborn cells to die, ridding the body of them for good.

TruSculpt is painless, and does not require any downtime. You can visit our office, receive your treatment, and go right back to your normal activities! There is no risk of infection, no need for anesthesia, and no complicated hospital stays. Best of all, there are no tell-tale scars!

TruSculpt can be used anywhere on the body where persistent fat deposits exist. The most common uses are for thighs, stomach, and under the chin. Call our office to schedule a consultation, and we can help you decide if TruSculpt is right for you.

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