June 27, 2022 mdchino

Try This Easy Trick for a Quick Burst of Energy

Many of us wake up feeling ready to conquer the day, but shortly after lunchtime we’re wiped out. To some extent, that’s normal. If you’re working indoors and mostly at a desk, your body simply slows down and feels less motivated from the lack of movement and sunlight. And then you dump some calories into your bloodstream at lunch time, enjoying a short energy boost and then a crash afterward. But you don’t have to accept the post-lunch slump as a permanent fixture in your life.

If you find yourself needing an energy boost in the afternoon, we have one simple and easy trick for you: Just lace up your shoes and go for a short walk. Yes, it really works! And you don’t have to go far; just walking up and down the stairs at your office will suffice. Or you could head outdoors for a short stroll through the parking lot, and reap the benefits of natural light at the same time.

But why does it work?

Change of scenery. When you look at the same four walls all day, especially if you’re dealing with any amount of stress at the same time, your brain needs a change of scenery. You can literally “walk away” from whatever is bugging you for a few minutes, and your brain will experience a “reset” in terms of mood and motivation. When you get back to your desk, you will feel more balanced and ready to solve problems.

Circadian rhythms. Exposure to sunlight helps to regulate circadian rhythms, or our patterns of sleep and wakefulness. But when we’re stuck indoors for most of the day, those rhythms are interrupted and we don’t sleep well at night. Going for an afternoon walk can help to reset them. You might find you sleep better at night, and feel better during the day as well.

Replace an unhealthy behavior with a better one. Many of us reach for a sugar-laden coffee or snack to provide a quick burst of energy. But that only leads to another crash in the afternoon. Plus, you’re adding empty calories to your meal plan that way. Going for a walk instead will replace an unhealthy behavior with a positive one.

If you’re really struggling with energy, make an appointment with us to discuss your eating plan and other habits. We can help you troubleshoot and discover how you can feel more youthful and energetic, while addressing any questions you might have about weight loss.


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