November 13, 2017 mdchino

A Unique Thanksgiving Strategy

For many people, Thanksgiving is the kick-off day to a season of festivities, fun, yummy food… and weight gain. For those of us who watch our weight, or who are actively trying to lose weight, Thanksgiving represents something else entirely. It’s a dreaded obstacle, or perhaps even a tempting setback that could undo months of progress. How will you get through the day, without gaining a dozen pounds or more?

Well, first of all, recognize the fact that there is no possible way you could gain a measurable amount of weight in a single day. One pound would be about the upper limit of possibility, since you must consume 3,500 calories above your normal daily intake in order to gain a single pound.

So, with that thought out of the way, it’s much easier to see how you’ll survive Thanksgiving. You’ll take it easy on the super-fattening items, and maybe you’ll gain trivial amount of weight such as a quarter pound, but it won’t be the end of the world. And if you work out just a little harder each day for the next few days, you won’t see a difference at all!

So, what’s the catch?

You have to view Thanksgiving as just one day. It’s not the beginning of a great season of feasting, you won’t eat Thanksgiving dinner every night for a week, and there are no promises that you’ll just lose the weight again starting in January. Basically, you aren’t allowed to lie to yourself or procrastinate. Just give yourself the day, and then let it go.

It’s easier if you attend someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner, rather than hosting your own, because you won’t have tons of tempting leftovers in the fridge. Or, you could even start a new family tradition of eating out in a restaurant. As a bonus, at least you wouldn’t have to wash dishes afterward!

And of course, get back to your regular routine on the day after. Yes, you can count laps in the mall as Black Friday exercise, if you wish!

It’s okay to take one day to celebrate. Enjoy it, knowing upfront that you’ll return to your regular eating and exercise habits the next day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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