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Watch Out for These Signs of Dehydration

No, it’s not your imagination. It has been hot lately! So hot, in fact, that it could be easy to become dangerously dehydrated if you’re out and about during the day. Some people manage to move their workouts to early morning or late afternoon during the worst part of summer. But if your schedule won’t budge, or you need to go out for other reasons, watch for these signs of dehydration.

You feel thirsty. This one probably sounds like a no-brainer. However, the important thing to remember about thirst is that if you’re feeling it, you’re already dehydrated. Try to sip on water throughout the day, and drink a full glass before headed outdoors for exercise. Once you feel thirsty, you’ve already put yourself in danger.

You aren’t sweating. If you notice that you aren’t sweating during a workout, or you appear to stop sweating midway through, this could be a sign that your body is trying to conserve fluids. It can be dangerous, though, because essentially your self-cooling mechanism is turned off.

Dry mouth and dry eyes. Yes, you can literally feel “dried out”.

Muscle spasms. You might feel occasional soreness if you’re working out regularly, but you shouldn’t experience a muscle spasm mid-workout.

Headache, dizziness, confusion, or seeing spots. You could be at risk of fainting, so take a break and find some shade immediately. Hopefully you brought a water bottle with you, and can replenish your fluids. If not, head for a water fountain.

Remember, if you exercise outdoors, to protect yourself from the heat with appropriate clothing and a hat or visor. It’s also a good idea to let someone know your route.

As always, contact us before beginning an exercise routine. We can offer more advice on the right activities for you, and help you to stay safe.

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