February 14, 2017 mdchino

How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

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No one pursues a weight loss plan for fun. You want a change, and you can’t wait to see the results of all your hard work! That’s why some people get into the habit of weighing themselves every day, or sometimes even multiple times per day. Unfortunately, this habit often leads to confusion and discouragement.

How often do you step on the scale and feel pleased by the results, as opposed to irritated or even depressed? It’s normal for your weight to fluctuate a bit from day to day, even throughout the day, according to various factors such as hydration, meals, and even your bathroom habits. So chances are good that at least half the time, you aren’t seeing the results you want on that scale. And if you’re disappointed too often, you might even be tempted to give up on your weight loss plan altogether.

Since we know that weight can fluctuate a bit anyway, it really isn’t helpful to weight yourself every single day. And it’s completely pointless to weigh yourself several times per day! All you’re really doing is putting too much pressure on yourself, and causing unnecessary anxiety.

For most people, weekly weigh-ins will suffice. We’re looking for a downward trend here, and if you’re sticking with your weight loss plan you will certainly see results. They will still vary from week to week, but in most cases you will see a lower number on the scale. And that’s all the truly matters. You’ll feel happy with your results, and motivated to keep going.

Choose a particular day of the week, and weigh yourself first thing in the morning. If you record these numbers, or better yet, create a line graph, you can enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your weight drop gradually and healthfully. Throughout the week, you can look forward to weigh-in day, and the anticipation of success will help keep you motivated and excited about your weight loss plan.

Remember, if you’re feeling frustration or need some help, we’re here.  We have programs if you are wanting to lose a little bit of weight, or dozens of pounds.  Often, a medically monitored weight loss plan is the safest and most effective strategy.

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