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Have you tried one weight loss plan after another, only to quit shortly after beginning it? Have you ever found a success with a diet, only to regain all of the weight shortly afterward? These are the stories we hear from our clients every day. You are not alone! The demands of a career, family, and personal life can be overwhelming and leave little time for a continued focus on health.

We understand the challenges you face, and we specialize in helping our clients overcome them. Tap into our expert guidance and years of experience helping people just like you, and soon you will feel healthier, look thinner, and be happier with your appearance and health than ever before!

At our weight loss clinic in Chino, we provide the expert guidance and support our clients need to make a permanent lifestyle change. We help you move beyond failed fad diets, to find a real solution that works… forever! Take a look at what we provide to our patients:

  • The most recent medical advances to help you lose weight
  • Improved health – you are more than just a number on a scale!
  • Testing for underlying medical conditions which can affect your metabolism, making it hard to lose weight
  • Expert nutritional advice to support your weight loss plan
  • The guidance you need to stay on track toward your goals
  • The right supplements to boost your metabolism and improve overall health

Losing weight has never been so convenient.

We understand that making a lifestyle change can be difficult in today’s busy world. That’s why we support our clients by offering extended clinic hours and Saturday appointments. You can also stop by our office any time to pick up refills on your supplements.

One simple decision leads to a convenient appointment with our team. Then we will help you get started on the most transformative journey of your life. Make the choice today: Call us to schedule an appointment at the best weight loss clinic in Chino.

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