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What Happens When You Go for a Walk?

We all know that going for a daily walk is good for us, and that walking supports a weight loss plan. But most of us don’t think about all of the general benefits. Here’s a breakdown of what happens to your body as you walk.

90 seconds in… Your aerobic system has kicked on, and you’ll be burning fat for fuel throughout the rest of your walk.

At 2 minutes… You have undone most of the effects of sitting for one hour. We know that sedentary lifestyles are incredibly harmful to our health. But luckily, walking for just two minutes for every hour that you sit can undo a lot of the damage.

At 5 minutes… You’ve reset your circadian rhythm. Just five minutes outdoors helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, or your sleeping and waking cycles. If you’ve struggled with insomnia in the past, go outside and walk for at least five minutes!

At 10 minutes… You’ve increased the stress on your body enough to prompt a release of anti-inflammatory activity.

At 15 minutes… Cravings for sweets will usually disappear. Those of you with a sweet tooth might find that simply walking away from temptation helps a lot!

At 20 minutes… Immune system function has been boosted. People who walk for at least 20 minutes per day get sick less often.

At 30 minutes… Your brain has reached optimal cortisol reduction, meaning you’ve now reduced your general stress levels. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, going for a 30-minute walk can do wonders.

60 minutes… You’re fighting diabetes hard! While any amount of activity is better than none, an hour of walking has been shown to get blood glucose under control for those who are at risk.

You probably never thought about all of those benefits before. But now, as you go for your daily walk, you can fully realize all of the wonderful benefits. And for more information on exercise and a weight loss plan, call us to schedule a consultation.

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