April 26, 2022 mdchino

What Time of Day is Best for Exercise?

Your exercise regimen is an important part of your overall medical weight loss plan. But we know that you’re busy, and finding time to work out can be a challenge. On top of that, you might wonder whether exercising at a certain time of day would benefit you more. Here’s the scoop on that.

If you exercise in the morning… You will prioritize your workout and cross that item off your to-do list first thing. You’ll probably feel more energetic and motivated throughout the day, and research even supports the common idea that exercising first thing in the morning revs up your metabolism. And perhaps the best part of morning exercise is that life’s little emergencies can’t pop up and derail your workout regimen, because you took care of that first thing.

If you exercise mid-day… You can possibly prevent that after-lunch energy slump that plagues so many of us. You might find that you deal with stress better and become more creative when you work out on your lunch break, and a mid-day workout helps you to break up that long, sedentary part of the day that can be so dangerous for our health. And of course, if your lunch break is the only time you can fit in exercise, this plan might simply be most convenient for you.

If you exercise in the evening… You can burn off your dinner calories and literally walk away from the temptation to indulge in dessert. An evening walk or workout can help you unwind from stress, too. Just avoid triggering a big adrenaline rush in the two to three hours before bedtime, or you might have trouble sleeping.

The bottom line is that exercise burns calories and will support your medical weight loss plan. So for most people, the best course of action is to schedule it for a time that works for you! If it’s working, you’re less likely to procrastinate or skip your exercise plans, and consistent effort over time is really the ticket to success.

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