November 2, 2020 mdchino

What You Can Do About Loose Skin

Young female athlete using resistance band while working out in the living room.

Those who pursue a weight loss plan sometimes find themselves confronting a new concern: What can you do about loose skin? This problem can vary from one person to the next, with one individual seeing very little loose skin after a major weight loss, and others facing a much different situation. Here’s what you need to know about this potential complication.

Lose weight slowly and gradually. Those who lose a large amount of weight quickly are the most likely to confront loose skin as their weight loss plan progresses. Everyone wants fast results, of course, but looser skin can often be the trade-off. Aim for a plan that helps you lose one to two pounds per week over time, and your skin will have time to contract more gradually.

Some factors are out of your control. Age, genetics, and even your history of sun exposure can influence your skin’s elasticity. Some people simply have more stretchy skin than others.

Don’t smoke. Smoking damages the collagen in your skin, leading to a loss of elasticity. It’s never too late to quit, so include smoking cessation in your overall weight loss plan.

Drink, drink, drink! Well hydrated skin is healthier and looks better, too. So this is just one more reason to keep your water bottle filled as your weight loss plan progresses.

Lift weights. A weight training regimen tones your muscles, and can improve the appearance of your skin. So make sure your fitness routine includes some time in the weight room, yoga or Pilates classes, or even just body-weight moves that you perform at home (like pushups, lunges, planks, and so on).

Talk to your doctor. For some people, no amount of prevention will completely ward off loose skin. But you don’t have to resign yourself to being stuck with it forever. As you complete your weight loss plan, let’s talk about cosmetic options to address loose skin. You deserve to look and feel your best after all that hard work, and modern medical technology can help you do just that.

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