June 20, 2017 mdchino

What’s the Big Deal About Water?

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Venture into the weight loss section of any bookstore, and you’ll discover an abundance of books promoting one eating plan or another. Turn on the TV and you’ll see advertisements for various programs, promising to help you shed unwanted pounds. Weight loss plans vary significantly in the types of foods they promote, or the amount of exercise they claim is necessary. Some are even designed to address specific body types. But one thing remains constant, in every weight loss plan that has ever provided even a small measure of success: Water is important.

What’s the big deal about water? Why do nutritionists and weight loss physicians always advise water intake as an essential part of a healthy diet?

Water helps you feel full and prevent cravings. When you’re thirsty, your body can confuse those signals with hunger. Regularly sipping on water can ward off random cravings when you’re not really hungry.

Water is an essential part of your exercise routine. When you work out, dehydration can increase your risk of exhaustion and muscle cramping. Drinking plenty of water can make your workouts safer and more comfortable.

Water boosts digestive function. Adequate water intake can help to prevent ulcers, heartburn, and indigestion. It will also keep you regular and prevent constipation.

Water helps to cut your calorie load. Many people consume hundreds of calories per day via their drinks. Switching to water saves calories, and most importantly, cuts a large portion of sugar from your diet.

Water keeps you sharp. Even mild dehydration can impair your mood, make you feel tired, and impair your memory and processing powers. That stress can contribute to cravings and skipped workouts, so remember to power up your brain by drinking water regularly.

Plus, there’s just the fact that our bodies are two-thirds water! It’s possibly the most essential “nutrient” we can consume. So grab a reusable water bottle, track your intake, and try to drink at least 64 fluid ounces each day. And for more nutritional support, contact our clinic to schedule an appointment with our weight loss physician.

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