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Why Do Men Lose Weight More Easily Than Women?

It’s a story we hear all the time: My husband and I decided to embark on a weight loss journey together. In the first month, I saw him cheat on the meal plan at least four or five times. I never cheated once. Not only that, but we worked out together at the gym, so I know I’m putting in just as much effort… And yet, at the end of the month, he had lost eleven pounds and I had only lost five! It’s not fair! Why do men have an easier time with weight loss? 

Well, first of all, each individual will have their own experience with any given weight loss plan. While it is common to hear of men having more dramatic results, we have also seen men who struggle. Likewise, we’ve known women who lost an impressive amount of weight in a short period of time!

However, there really does seem to be some truth to the idea that weight loss is easier for men than women. It seems unfair, but when you examine the reason behind this phenomena, it makes more sense.

In general, men simply are taller, and carry more muscle mass than women. We know that a larger body overall will require more calories each day just to remain at the same weight. Plus, muscle tissue burns more calories, essentially increasing your metabolism if you happen to have more muscle on your frame. It’s no surprise, then, that cutting back on calories will result in potentially more dramatic weight loss for a person with a larger frame and more muscle.

So does that mean women have to simply settle for slower and less exciting results? Yes and no. To some extent, there isn’t much you can do about your basic height and body size. But you can increase your muscle mass, and should! Engaging in a weight training program can help you add lean muscle tissue to your body composition, and therefore bump up your metabolism a bit. This goes for women and men, of course, but women really need the added benefits of muscle.

Finally, remember to view your weight loss plan as a competition only with yourself. Forget everyone else’s results, and focus on you. If you’re losing weight and feeling better, that’s what really counts. On the other hand, if you’re frustrated by a lack of visible results, give us a call. We can evaluate your plan and help you make the necessary adjustments to get off your weight loss plateau.

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