April 2, 2018 mdchino

Work Out in Just Thirty Minutes

Sure, you’d love to compete in Iron Man competitions, but that’s a tad unrealistic for a lot of people. Either you’re just getting started with an exercise regimen, or you simply don’t have the kind of time needed to train for something so serious. And of course, not everyone is interested in that sort of thing. You just want to look and feel healthier, not spend hours per day training.

The good news is, you can accomplish your goals without living in the gym. Yes, you can get healthier, even if your schedule is very limited. You just need a plan of action, to make the most of what time you do have.

So, let’s say you only have thirty minutes to spare. You can stop by the gym on the way to work, or on the way home… What can you do in that thirty minutes, to make the most of the time you have?

High-intensity interval training. The goals of a HIIT workout is to burn the most calories possible, in the least amount of time. Warm up with some jumping jacks, lunges, burpees, and squats. Maybe use the rowing machine for a few minutes. Then, alternate strength moves (squats, pushups, deadlifts, planks, etc) with activities to boost heart rate (more burpees, high knees, or rowing). Cool down by walking five minutes (you can count your walk to the car).

Moderate intensity cardio. If you don’t feel up to the high-intensity stuff, that’s okay. You can get a great, moderate-intensity workout on a stair climber, elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike. Alternately, you could also go for a jog or bike ride outside, when you don’t have time to drive to the gym.

A full-body strength circuit. The goal here is to work as many muscles as possible, in the shortest amount of time. Go from one exercise to the next with minimal rest periods. Choose the strength moves that target larger muscles, like your chest, back, and legs. You can perform these moves using weight machines, or by using free weights, kettlebells, and your own body weight.

Generally, if you only have thirty minutes to spare, you should try to stay moving to eliminate wasted time. Keep your heart rate up, and vary your activities to achieve the most calories burned in the least amount of time.

As always, give us a call if you want to discuss your exercise or weight loss plan. We can help you make the necessary adjustments to your routine, so that you can achieve your goals.

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